Why Start with Personas?

The easiest way to make the biggest impact in your business is to leverage AiAdvertising's Personas to optimize and monetize customer data.

Businesses are suffering from many soiled systems, and they don’t have a clear path forward when it comes to unlocking the hidden insights and signals from their data. McKinsey states:

“71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions and 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.”

Currently, businesses either make educated guesses about their customers based on the little information they can glean, or they shell out a lot of money — and time — for traditional market research to survey and interview a subset of their customers. With that, the information is time-bound and doesn’t ebb and flow as your customers’ behaviors change.

Unlike traditional audience research methods, we use Persona AI, which blends science and technology to get a clearer, more well-rounded understanding of known contacts, and removes inherent biases.

Our Persona AI reads, organizes, and groups like data together based on similar behaviors, interests, triggers, and events that influence audience personalization. Then, it blends that information with Big 5 Ocean, Crossing the Chasm, and Myers-Briggs to get a deeper psychological understanding of known contacts, where they fall in the adoption curve, and what archetype they belong to.

Once identified, we assign a persona — a fictional avatar — to each audience segment and provide a narrative for deeper understanding, persuasion predictions, and a clear communication and creative strategy for their motivations and preferences.

By leveraging our Persona AI to generate Personas, marketers are now able to create persona-driven messages and creative that resonates and converts at a higher level. Our clients are empowered to create persona-driven campaigns that meet customer expectations and inspire action.

The invaluable insights from Personas can be used to:

  1. Optimize and Monetize CRM Data
  2. Supercharge Sales
  3. Customize Content
  4. Prioritize Product Development
  5. Capitalize on Customer Experiences

Are you ready to personify your CRM data? Contact us today.