How We Segment Audiences

No two people are exactly alike, and just like a venn diagram, people’s interests, behaviors, motivations, and desires overlap.

By leveraging technology, we can see beyond all the differences and start to expose what is similar between each individual. This can range from casual preferences all the way to deep, personal beliefs. By dividing a company’s audience into comparable segments, marketers are able to highlight key demographics and psychographic features to refine ad targeting.

That’s why AiAdvertising’s unique platform employs state-of-the-art Segmentation AI among its suite of applications. It starts by aggregating customer data from a wide variety of online sources, such as a brand’s personal site, their social media, and thousands of other potential points of contact. Who a customer is, as well as how and why they interacted, are taken into account. Once we have a large enough audience sample to work with, the segmentation process can begin.

Our platform takes the collected users and organizes them into separate groups by their shared psychographic and behavioral features. What was once a nebulous cluster, now becomes a stratified, digestible set of prospects. From there, we assign a persona for each segment, which is a fictional avatar used to personify that particular set of users and better pinpoint our targeting.

The biggest benefit of Segmentation AI, is that it allows us to design hyper-personalized content that is predicted to resonate better with each segment. By understanding your audience by what “makes them tick”, so to speak, we can create personalized creative that will capture their interest.

For example, if we determine that one segment is particularly family-oriented, we can target them with images featuring families or text that speaks about positively impacting their loved ones. Persona tailored ads are not only what modern consumers demand, but they lead to more and higher-quality engagement, which increases revenue and keeps budgets from being wasted on ineffective methods.

Here is a real life example of why it is so important to understand the nuances of your audience. A researcher from a major car manufacturer said,

I have my target audiences, but when I interviewed them about the relevancy of our ads, they all said it missed the mark.

Why? Because the agency they used to generate the target audiences didn’t use behavioral science to append the top-level demographics they had. They didn’t understand the customers motivations, interests, or what persuasion tactic would be most resonant with that audience. After all, not all people who drive pick up trucks use them to tow heavy loads.

In life, finding connections is how relationships are born, allowing people to come together and accomplish great things. The same is true in marketing. Through segmentation we can put a face to your audience and discover the best way to serve them. AI marketing technology coupled with a customer-driven philosophy? We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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