What is an Omni-Channel Workflow?

Effective marketing meets the customer where they are. After all, the best ad ever made is useless if the right people never get a chance to see it. That’s why having an omni-channel workflow is so crucial. As the way users connect or view media continues to expand, so too must our efforts.

An omni-channel workflow is a customer-focused approach where marketers are able to provide a comprehensive experience across all relevant avenues. This can include brick and mortar stores, online sites, mobile apps, connected TV, radio, and much more. The idea is to keep your brand in front of prospective buyers as much as possible, increasing conversions through prolonged exposure and ease of access.

AiAdvertising’s Campaign Performance Platform facilitates omni-channel tactics by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Through advanced data aggregation and audience segmentation we’re able to predict the content that will resonate most with every subset of a company’s unique customer base. Through this process we also learn what sites, applications, etc. those same users prefer over others. As a result, we’re able to implement optimized ads in promising placements to achieve the best possible outcome. We match the right message with the right creative for the right audience on the right channel to increase conversions.

Kevin Myers, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at AiAdvertising stated it this way,

No matter if it is a B2B or B2C business, at the end of the day, there are human beings at the other end of the buying process. They still have the same motivations and triggers while purchasing for their business as they do personally. This is why we use behavioral insights to understand and predict winning ad creative and use an omni-channel approach to deliver ads.

Customers are not single-minded in their pursuits. They move seamlessly between numerous channels every hour, performing dozens of different tasks. If companies want to make their voices heard they’ll have to learn to keep up. Thankfully, with our AI marketing platform’s built-in omni-channel approach, that sort of agility and attentiveness is easier to achieve than ever before.

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