Marketers have been starved for insights — until now!

Marketers have been desperately trying to find a way to leverage their first-party data and pull actionable insights out of it; our Campaign Performance Platform unshackles data so you can unlock its full potential!

In one sentence, marketing and customer experience expert Jay Baer succinctly underlined the major disconnect within digital marketing as an industry.

We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights. – Jay Baer

According to a study from Vanson Bourne, $5.2 million in total revenue is being lost due to untapped data. Marketers either aren’t aware of what they’re missing, or they lack the proper tools to effectively capitalize on the resources they have at their disposal. And, with the growing demand for CMOs to own Revenue Operations, this poses a difficult problem that desperately needs an answer. AiAdvertising’s cutting-edge Campaign Performance Platform was designed around solving this specific problem. Our end-to-end process and artificial intelligence (AI) powered platform transforms disparate, often siloed, raw customer data into genuine value and connects marketing investments to sales revenue. This is critical so CMOs can prove return on ad spend (ROAS), overall campaign performance, and measure every investment.

Most marketing software provides a specific function which can give marketers small wins when it comes to becoming more efficient in their daily lives. Some can give a broad stroke overview of who is interacting with a client’s brand, but very few offer a comprehensive roadmap for successfully targeting existing customers and similar prospects while measuring the impact of every dollar spent. That is what sets our Campaign Performance Platform apart. It not only generates meaningful insights  sustained by a closed-loop system which is constantly learning, adjusting, and optimizing, but it also connects marketing investments to sales revenue through the following, recursive sequence:

  1. Data – When we onboard a company and connect our platform to their various customer or company records (website, CRM, ERP, Google Analytics, social media, etc.) we’re able to start efficiently gathering thousands of touchpoints and valuable data. In short order, our platform uncovers signals and insights giving client’s transparency into how to connect with their audience using persuasion tactics calibrated to their unique demographics, psychographic behavior, or where they are on the adoption curve.
  2. Personas – As data is evaluated and a client’s overall audience becomes more defined, unique groups with unifying factors become evident. These groups are each assigned a “persona,” which is a fictional avatar used to deeply understand their target audience and pinpoint targeting. Each persona houses an entire subset of customers under a singular identity and untapped market sectors are revealed.
  3. Creative –  Now that we have a clear idea of who we’re marketing to, we can figure out what type of content will resonate the most. AiAdvertising’s Creative Lab references each persona and produces dynamic and hyper-personalized creative and messaging. After that, the content is tested for overall efficacy with high-tech predictive software, and the highest ranking permutations are selected for use. The simulation of A/B testing avoids spending money in the market on variations and leverages the power of AI to predict the most effective ad unit for every group.
  4. Activation – The platform then sets up the personalized ad campaigns and activates them through an omni-channel approach. Instead of simply putting everything on a few predominant sites and hoping for the best, we locate and serve directly to places where our client’s audience tends to congregate. This way, the ads reach micro-targeted customers on their preferred channel with design elements and content crafted specifically for them.
  5. Performance – Once everything is running, advertising analytics are connected to sales data in order to definitively prove marketing investments. No more having to guess what’s working or how much revenue it is influencing. Gone are the days of “selling” why digital marketing is important to your higher ups. Our platform tracks the ongoing results of every campaign so that results can be documented, effective ads can be iterated upon, and underperforming ads can be replaced. The entire system is designed to extract valuable insights from the data that’s being generated at every step, and feed it back into the overall process.

AiAdvertising was founded on the belief that most digital marketing problems can be solved by the creative application of the right combination of technology. A recent article from stated, “85% of Executives Can’t Clearly Map Marketing Spend to Revenue.”

We’re out to change that statistic by giving marketers the first comprehensive platform that succinctly maps marketing spend to sales revenue and visualizes their investment performance through leveraging AI and machine learning (ML).

By leveraging data and various AI and ML methodologies in innovative ways, our Campaign Performance Platform is able to help businesses uncover a goldmine of customer details that they’ve been sitting on for years and turn that into real revenue opportunities. RevOps starts with being able to measure the impact of every dollar invested, let AiAdvertising help!

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