AI Marketing Solutions For 3 Common Problems

AiAdvertising was founded to help digital marketing reach its full potential through the strategic application of science and technology. Like our name would suggest, artificial intelligence (AI) is the key.

Our revolutionary Campaign Performance Platform employs powerful AI and machine learning to solve common problems that marketers deal with everyday with machine learning. Here are three ways it can be a major asset for your business or team.

  1. Removing data gaps between sales and marketing: It’s no secret that communication between these departments is often lacking. However, our AI marketing platform can greatly improve synergy with advanced customer data aggregation. Marketers are able to collect richer psychographic and behavioral information for each user, and provide it to sales so they can more effectively convert leads. This establishes a cycle of helpful insights, where both teams share knowledge, continually refine their methods, and are motivated to contribute more accurate information moving forward.
  2. Connecting marketing spend with sales revenue: One of the most frustrating aspects of digital marketing is not always being able to definitively prove that your efforts lead to a greater return on investment (ROI). AiAdvertising removes any ambiguity by tracking the results of every campaign in real-time. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it immediately clear what is or isn’t working for who and why. By gaining transparency into how much revenue is driven by persona, campaign, or channel provides invaluable knowledge to make data-informed decisions. That way, instead of having to continually “sell” upper management on the value digital marketing, our clients can now show how much revenue was generated from their investments.
  3. Figuring out what will resonate with customers: The biggest variable for all forms of marketing, traditional and digital, is that we can only guess what types of advertising will be effective. We may know what our customers previously purchased, but we don’t know the reasoning or behavior that drove those decisions. Until now! By leveraging new and existing customer data, our platform gives marketers a deeper understanding of their target audience motivations and triggers so they can create pinpointed approaches and deliver relevant content. It becomes possible to predict how an ad will likely perform before any budget is spent.

Here’s what one client said after integrating the Campaign Performance Platform into their business,

Our sales guys love leads! They want to chase deals that they can close more [business]. So if we can get better at that, and they can help us get there, they win and we win — we win as a company because we will be more successful and we will grab more market share. This gives us a velvet hammer that we have not had before!

The listed examples barely scratch the surface on all the invaluable AI marketing solutions our platform can provide. From initial planning to post-campaign decisions, we have features designed to augment and optimize every phase. However, our clients don’t just get useful software, they get a team of professionals including creatives, marketers, digital strategists, data scientists, account managers, developers, and behavioral scientists dedicated to partnering with them through the whole process.

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