The 2021 State of Marketing AI Report from Drift stated that marketers lack confidence in evaluating AI-powered marketing technology and what it is capable of doing.

As many AI technology solutions emerge to solve individual marketer’s woes, they struggle to identify smarter, AI-powered marketing solutions that can drive efficiency and overall performance. According to the report,

65% of the respondents noted that they are in the researching phase while 56% are in the understanding stage and only 34% are in a pilot stage.

Why is this? It is difficult for marketers to fully understand what options are available and what solutions would be most effective to accomplish their key objectives. Marketers spend hours researching on Google, attending discovery calls, joining conferences, and sitting on demos to discover that the AI solution they are evaluating only captures a small piece of the overall pie.

Can you hear the collective scream of “AY-AY-AY!”?

There are over 10,000 tools available to combat components of a marketer’s strategy, but this siloed approach leaves marketers to orchestrate the many tools, systems, teams, and insights to achieve their goals. Until now, they didn’t know that there was a better way. From persona to performance, the Campaign Performance Platform aggregates and integrates many AI technologies to give marketers an all encompassing platform.

From natural language processing and image analysis to pattern recognition, predicted personalization and recommendations, AiAdvertising has built an all-in-one AI solution for digital advertising. No longer do marketers need to source partners who can only achieve a segment of their strategy. See how the Campaign Performance Platform can be a consolidated solution for your advertising strategy. Contact us for more information.