Show Me the Money

When it comes to digital marketing, the goal for every company is fundamentally the same: “Get more out of it than you put into it.”

Of course, there’s usually an unspoken understanding that marketing is basically educated gambling (while it’s better than doing nothing). You can plan, and you can focus test, but you can never really know if something will pay off. Or can you…?

AiAdvertising provides an innovative way for clients to achieve the greatest possible return on investment (ROI) from their advertising budget through leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

As marketers, we’ve been conditioned to sell the value of marketing through our incremental improvements to KPIs because we didn’t have the tools or technology to prove how much revenue was generated from our investments. At AiAdvertising, we’re shifting the focus to proving the exponential value that the Campaign Performance Platform can bring by connecting marketing investments to sales revenue — illuminating how much income was generated from advertising campaigns.

Executives can’t deposit impressions, clicks, or form submissions in the bank and marketers often are left feeling like we’re in a scene of Jerry Maguire while discussing the value of advertising because they’re being told,


Until now, many marketers have only been able to manually, and inaccurately, correlate the revenue success of their campaigns. We’re in the business of showing them how much revenue was caused because of their efforts while eliminating waste and increasing efficiency.

Cost-effective marketing starts with one key element: quality data. Our AI-powered platform tracks a client’s CRM and customer analytics to identify trends and define predictors. From this, audience segments that share similar psychographic features (known as personas) start to emerge. These personas are leveraged to create and deliver highly personalized content designed around their unique preferences. Well-designed, meticulously targeted ads naturally receive more engagement while avoiding disinterested users. This approach allows marketers to better allocate their advertising dollars and get more for their investment.

Fewer wasted interactions, relevant messaging, and a higher optimization score steadily boost a client’s ROI. Revenue also increases as more aligned users and traffic is introduced to the brand or product and this approach has the potential to greatly reduce the cost for clicks or conversions. The AI tested ads crafted by our creative team do way more for far less.

However, our exclusive platform doesn’t stop offering value once everything goes live. All advertising campaigns are monitored throughout their run, and the data they produce is also factored into future decisions. Effective ads are expanded upon, ineffective ads are removed or reworked. This keeps the process running smoothly so that ads can remain engaging and financially viable even when customer tendencies or behaviors start to shift.

Fully optimizing your marketing budget has never been easier thanks to our platform. Clients are able to increase their bottom line while providing users with a better ad experience and products or services catered to their unique interests. As business tactics continue to evolve, the question ultimately isn’t “Can you afford to market with AI?” but rather “Can you afford to not market with AI?”

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