How to Measure Campaign Performance

"You can’t fix what you can’t measure” — said every CMO ever.

How do you effectively measure campaign performance? There are two ways you can measure the success of your efforts: by activity or by results.

  1. Activity-based measurement focuses on metrics like impressions, reach, opens, clicks, engagements, or time saved; it helps provide insight into the potential performance of a campaign or the value it brings to the organization.
  2. Results-based measurement focuses on end goals such as revenue earned; it’s used to determine whether a campaign was effective at achieving its objectives and ultimately successful overall. It maps campaign strategy to sales conversions so marketers can prove what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the bottom line.

Unfortunately, many marketers have been reliant on one method because they haven’t been able to directly connect the dots from marketing investments to sales generated. Marketers have become so accustomed to having to correlate or make assumptions about the value or performance of their efforts. As marketers ourselves, we asked the powerful question:

What if we could do it differently?

What if we could integrate the technology, functionality, and capabilities of different MarTech solutions and bring them into one? What if that would allow us to finally solve the 100-year old problem of not knowing what half of your investments are working? What if we created a Campaign Performance Platform using the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to close the loop and prove performance?

Well, the idea became a plan which became a mission which became a product. AiAdvertising has assembled a team of data scientists, marketers, digital masters, strategists, engineers, and project managers to fuse marketer + machine. We give marketers and their teams the ability to gain invaluable insights from their zero and first-party data and empower them to prove advertising’s true financial impact. Our platform connects marketing metrics and analytics with business outcomes like sales revenue so marketers can finally see what is working, what isn’t, for who, and where.

Now, marketers can invest where it makes the biggest impact and pivot where needed. They can expose the gaps and fix the outdated or malfunctioning processes within their organization and execute with precision. They can prove that their campaigns are driving real revenue.

They can fix it because they can finally measure it! Phew, what a relief!

If you’re ready to measure campaign performance by connecting investments to sales revenue, contact us today!