ChatGPT automates content creation in the Campaign Performance Platform

The announcement of integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool into the Campaign Performance Platform (CPP) in yesterday’s press release heralds another step forward in our mission to automate our advertising campaign workflow.

With ChatGPT’s powerful capabilities, we’re able to leverage the best artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline components of our process and improve campaign performance.

The success of advertising campaigns depends not only on understanding the audience on the deepest level, but also efficiently and effectively communicating to them in a way that influences them to take action. Starting with Persona AI, we leverage the signals and insights gleaned and prompt ChatGPT to automate persona-driven content. Our marketers and digital strategists decipher and augment the copy that the chatbot program produces, and uses that to influence the creative process. 

We believe words matter, and with the implementation of ChatGPT, we open opportunities to gain an incremental lift. We know that campaign effectiveness resides in the margins, and we’re interested in how we can use various point solutions in concert to not only work faster, but improve accuracy and performance.

The CPP automates the advertising campaign workflow and ensures everything works together — the output of one step influences the next. ChatGPT is another element of AI that we’ve integrated into our workflow to help automate elements of our process, compress time, and drive campaign effectiveness.  

We don’t believe that implementing one-off solutions is the answer. Sure, it can lead to minor improvements, but in order to truly move the needle, marketers must find partners that understand the complex nature of digital marketing and the importance of deploying the latest technologies.

This is why we engineered the CPP to integrate with the best of the best in AI and machine learning technologies. Our marketers work seamlessly alongside our platform, implementing the process by prompting, deciphering, executing, implementing, and measuring the effectiveness of every ad campaign. 

ChatGPT is a key component of our content creation and will assist us in persona-driven advertising copy, headlines, keywords, landing pages, emails, and social posts. We are looking forward to the continued exploration of commercial applications of ChatGPT and the impact it will undoubtedly have for our clients. 

See the press release here; or if you’re ready to learn how ChatGPT can help power your campaigns, contact us.