What to Do When the Cookie Crumbles…

While the elimination of cookies wasn’t necessarily our choice, it is our new reality.

As the importance of personalized ads grows and the transition to higher privacy standards is underway, marketers are now left to figure out a new way forward. A recent report by Persado, stated that

60% of brands plan to increase spending and emphasis on first-party data.

Marketers are busy trying to implement new ways to capture their consumer data, but are plagued by the overwhelming thought of how to organize and leverage it to their advantage once they do. Many of our clients have experienced the limits of disorganized, mismanaged, and non-integrated data which feels like an insurmountable task to get their hands and heads around.

At AiAdvertising, we know that some AI technology for personalization enables businesses to speak to customers in a way that engages them, but without knowing exactly who your target audience is by their individual motivations, behaviors, and interests, that technology will only get you so far. In order to effectively personalize ad creative and messaging, businesses need to deeply understand the personas in which they are trying to communicate with.

What does this mean? It is more than knowing the consumer’s demographics or what they have purchased in the past. By leveraging the Campaign Performance Platform’s persona AI, businesses now have a roadmap to understanding their first-party data in an organized and actionable way. The platform starts by cleaning and organizing thousands of data points and bundles the information based on behavioral insights. These insights inform persona creation and the Campaign Performance Platform generates a persona brief that allows for a deep understanding of individual persona behaviors, interests, and persuasion tactics.

The platform uncovers intelligence that was previously buried and unusable. Businesses can now quickly and easily understand their data and leverage that information within the platform to automatically generate hyper-personalized content in a more efficient way. If businesses aim to speak to customers in a way that increases engagement and conversions, the most important first step is to develop personas based on their first-party data. Without it, you risk wasting time and money on guessing what will work.

Be a smart cookie and see how AiAdvertising can usher you into the new age of advertising. Contact us now!