The Campaign Performance Platform: An Inside Look

Since the very beginning, marketers have wrestled with one, all-important question: How do you figure out if your advertising will work, before you spend money on it? AiAdvertising’s cutting-edge Campaign Performance Platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to solve this long-standing enigma and help clients achieve a consistent return on their investment (ROI).

The platform is incredibly high-tech and includes hundreds of machine learning models, but the way it works is not difficult to understand. It simply facilitates and augments every part of the advertising process with applications built around four central pillars: Alignment, Insights, Activate, and Decisions. Let’s take an inside look!

  • Alignment: The primary use of most advertising software is, unsurprisingly, serving ads. However, our Campaign Performance Platform starts providing value way before that point. Clients can use our built-in goal tracker, marketing calendar, and success roadmap to plan out tactics for specific key performance indicators (KPIs). A profitable campaign begins with the end in mind. Our team will use this information to generate dashboards that allow clients to gain transparency and insights into their performance measuring what matters most to them.
  • Insights: The next step is data aggregation. We have to understand our audience if we want to build viable ads. Our platform links to every site that makes up a brand’s online presence, and uses them to collect CRM and customer data through secure API integrations. Gathered insights are then cleaned, organized, and broken out into persona clusters: fictional avatars with comparable engagement triggers. Personas are used to effectively target existing customers and build new, incremental audiences.
  • Activate: From there, our AI marketing platform expedites ad performance in multiple ways. Not only does it analyze existing creative and suggest recommendations for optimization, it also leverages the gathered data to predict and generate new content with the best possible headlines, messaging, and images for each audience segment according to where they fall in the adoption curve. Once the new content is completed, the platform enacts an omni-channel activation strategy. Ads are seamlessly pushed to the site, or ad manager, where they’re likely to resonate the most.
  • Decisions: For many advertising services, ad activation is usually the last step. However, for our Campaign Performance Platform, it’s only the beginning. The platform monitors all campaigns to gauge their ongoing effectiveness and suggest changes where needed. All related factors, such as personas and media placement, are continually reassessed and optimized as well. Real-time financial results can even be viewed on the ROI dashboard. Our platform is a closed, self-improving loop where data becomes actionable. Marketers and clients are able to see exactly what’s working, what’s not, and why, so their approach can be adjusted accordingly. Now, clients can make data-informed decisions and continue to improve every day.


Here’s what one advertiser said,

With the Campaign Performance Platform, they [sales] are getting the support that they want and we're [marketing] able to prove and demonstrate that what we're doing is working.

In the past, companies were forced to rely on a wide range of limited programs with no predictive capabilities or insight into the financial impact of their campaign. Now, AiAdvertising offers an all in one software solution, enhanced by the machine-learning power of AI marketing technology.

Step into the future of advertising! Experience a platform that replaces centuries of uncertainty with a clear path forward.

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