How AiAdvertising’s PersonaAI Helps Marketers Shift to First- and Zero-Party Data Strategy

The era of third-party cookies is coming to an end, and marketers must adapt to survive.

With Google’s recent announcement that they will phase out third-party cookies from their Chrome browser, advertisers and marketers who rely on them to power their advertising face a significant challenge. But don’t worry, there is a solution. At AiAdvertising, we offer a way to not only understand your current customers at a deeper level than ever before but also help you in your strategy to obtain zero and first-party data moving forward.

The Cheetah Digital Zero Party Playbook has outlined the importance of shifting to a first- and zero-party data strategy to power advertising and marketing initiatives. The report stated, “Although these behemoth browsers’ privacy pivot is a win for privacy-conscious consumers, it’s a headache for marketers wedded to third-party cookies to power their advertising, as well as perpetuating Google’s anti-competitive walled garden. These sweeping changes to the martech and adtech industries reinforce the need for marketers to shift to a first- and zero-party data strategy to power their advertising and marketing initiatives. The cookie is truly crumbling.”

In the playbook they ask,

There isn’t going to be a magic replacement for the cookie, so what do marketers do next to deliver more personalization, and also meet privacy demands?

We believe the answer lies within our closed-loop Campaign Performance Platform and our ability to empower our clients to build direct relationships with their consumers in turn, creating better and more personalized marketing experiences. To do this, we take our client’s customer data, personify their audiences, and give them specific communication strategies for how to talk to them as well as provide insight into what motivates them to take action or make a purchase. We then use that data to find more people like them as well as support our clients in building a path to first- and zero-party data. 

Our PersonaAI solution enables marketers to go beyond basic demographics and surface-level insights and it is a closed loop system that continually learns and updates as information is gathered. By analyzing behavior, interests, and intent, our process helps you understand what truly motivates your customers. This deeper understanding of your customers allows you to create more effective marketing campaigns that resonate with them on a personal level. By building customer personas, you can tailor your messaging to specific groups, ensuring that you are speaking to the right people at the right time on the right channel. 

But our process doesn’t stop there. Using our PersonaAI, we help you find more people like your existing customers, expanding your reach and identifying new opportunities — without cookies. We create a “golden record” which resolves consumer identities and we enrich the customer profile with their demographics, psychographics, and motivations. By leveraging existing data, we can help our clients build lookalike audiences that are more likely to be interested in their specific product or service. This approach is much more effective than simply targeting people based on basic demographics, their location, or by cookie tracking. 

In conclusion, the end of third-party cookies doesn’t have to be a headache for advertisers and marketers. By shifting to a first- and zero-party data strategy and leveraging AiAdvertising’s PersonaAI, you can not only understand your customers at a deeper level but also find more people like them and begin to build your zero and first party database. Embrace the future of advertising, improve relationships, and deliver better personalization by building your zero and first-party data strategy today. To learn more, click here to see how you can optimize and monetize your customer data with our Persona AI.

This blog was co-authored by marketer + machine
Marketer: Victoria Richardson | Director of Marketing, AiAdvertising
Machine: ChatGPT