The AI Revolution

The marketing industry is on the cusp of a new frontier in the AI revolution. This revolution will be on the scale of the industrial revolution, but it will be larger and happen much faster.

Essentially, AI is the best thing since electricity and it will be applied to everything moving forward. Many time-intensive, data-driven, tasks are being augmented and, in some cases, replaced by AI. But, not to worry, IDC stated that:

more than 800,000 net-new jobs were created because of the efficiencies driven by AI, surpassing those lost to automation.

This is great news! AI is paving the way for new opportunities and enables marketers to eliminate the need to perform mundane and repetitive tasks so they can focus on creative solutions and strategies. AI-powered marketing solutions not only intelligently automate dozens of common tasks but it has the ability to achieve things that weren’t possible in the past. A human could never read a gigabyte of information for every individual and even if they could, they likely couldn’t identify patterns very accurately. AI can consume so much information and make conclusions based on math and science that a human is not capable of.

Machines powered by AI have the ability to sky rocket marketing into a new dimension. They can define their own models, algorithms, determine new paths, and unlock an unlimited potential to transform marketing. Gone are the days of marketers wondering what is working and what isn’t when it comes to their advertising efforts. We are entering the age of intelligent automation and by leveraging AI technology marketers can gain the ability to make predictions at scale and achieve goals such as:

  • Create personalized consumer experiences at scale
  • Generate greater ROI on campaigns
  • Eliminate human guesswork and A/B testing
  • Predict creative success with a high degree of accuracy
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Accelerate revenue growth

Are you ready to adopt this growing technology?