Go Beyond A/B Testing

A/B testing is a great concept and tool, but it’s ultimately quite limited. AiAdvertising’s Campaign Performance Platform helps you dramatically expand your testing parameters.

Upgrade Your A/B Testing: 

In the past, if you wanted to make data-driven optimizations within a relatively short time frame, there was really only one choice: A/B Testing. It allowed marketers to run a new version of an ad, landing page, etc. against a “control” version to see what would perform better. While it was — and still can be — a useful tool, it’s ultimately quite limited and requires money to be spent in market. What if you could go far beyond a simple comparison? Our proprietary Campaign Performance Platform (CPP) makes this possible.

But how does A/B testing work?

Basically, A/B Testing drives improvement through democracy. It serves two different assets to online users at the same time to see what gets more positive results. A/B Testing can be used to judge the effectiveness of any KPI such as clicks, lead-forms, cart-abandonment, ROI, and other core conversion metrics. This shows marketers which option will better serve the purpose of their campaign. So, all things considered, what A/B Testing lacks the most has nothing to do with viability, but scalability. Fortunately, it’s now possible to expand the applications of an A/B Test to dozens of ad examples within a single assessment while also deepening the results.

How The CPP Does More: 

AiAdvertising’s Campaign Performance Platform leverages a client’s customer data to break their audience base into highly targetable groups based on commonalities. Thanks to these groups, a.k.a. personas, we’re able to hone in on interests and behaviors that can be used to shape a client’s marketing content and predict what will perform best for each. For example, one persona may prefer static product shots while another may prefer highly dynamic shots involving people. Using this information our creative team can produce ads and other material that aligns with each audience subset perfectly. 

The Power Of CPP Testing:

Once the ad content we’ve created is finished, it’s run through our testing software and ranked by efficacy. All the images, text, and calls to action (CTAs) are built out into unique ads to show us which particular permutations will perform the best. Depending on how many assets are fed into the program, there could be hundreds if not thousands of possible ads to choose from. It’s like a supercharged version of A/B Testing, comparing new content against previously run ads and giving marketers far more to work with. Now, instead of running one new ad, they can run three, five, ten new ads that have all been directly tailored to the type of customer they’re targeting. 

In Conclusion: 

Why limit yourself? The field of marketing isn’t about finding something that’s “good enough” and doing that forever. Marketing survives through constant innovation, finding new ways to improve strong tactics even further. As useful as A/B testing is, it cannot even come close to the multifaceted capabilities of the Campaign Performance Platform.

Upgrade your online presence with personalized and varied content, designed using cutting-edge artificial intelligent tools. 

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