Become A Marketing Hero

There’s no getting around it: a successful company NEEDS marketers. Everybody understands this on some level, but many people — even those within the field — don’t realize just how much they can truly accomplish.

Marketers are well-positioned to become the heroes of their company, rescuing them from wasted budget and low ad returns, and AiAdvertising was founded to help them achieve their full potential. Using Marvel Comics as a metaphor, if your marketing team is the brilliant Tony Stark, then AiAdvertising’s Campaign Performance Platform (CPP) is their Iron Man suit, allowing them to achieve more than they could alone.

Exposing Gaps: 

By leveraging AI and closed-loop machine learning, the CPP helps marketers see things that might have fallen through the cracks. Jason Smith, VP of Marketing at HOLT CAT highlighted this while discussing how it helped his company:

“The AiAdvertising platform closed gaps in our data and processes which we were able to use to create and implement solutions across our organization. Our ability to effectively track our marketing investments and connect them to sales data has been huge for us! AiAdvertising is an important partner as we move into the future.”

Each application in our revolutionary suite is geared to reveal different types of insights and weak points. Data aggregation shows who to target and how, creative testing lays out the best options for targeting, and accessible dashboards point out what’s working and what can be improved. It would take months, or even years of hard work to achieve the same level of research our platform can do in mere days. 

Empowering Sales:

A successful conversion basically comes down to serving the right ad to the right user in the right place. Therefore, effective marketing is all about reducing guesswork in order to thread that needle with greater accuracy. The CPP facilitates this by allowing marketers to become much more intentional about their ad distribution and refine customer data into highly-specific audience segments, a.k.a. personas. We can learn what customers are interested in, what sites they visit, and other relevant information to craft pinpointed ads and increase the likelihood a sale will take place. For example, if a certain color is resonating more with a particular persona, all corresponding ads can be tweaked to include that color while the older versions can be halted to save on budget. Once campaigns are running, marketers can then track each interaction to see exactly how customers are responding, gather more data, and use that to perfect their approach even further later down the line. 

Proving Results: 

Not only can marketers improve results with our software, they can also show exactly what each individual ad is responsible for generating. In the past, a major issue for marketers has been lost attribution: hard work being caught up in the shuffle of general site analytics, unconventional customer journeys, and other factors. The CPP rectifies this with easy-to-use dashboards that connect directly to each of a client’s campaigns and online touch points, letting marketers view, in real-time, how everything is proceeding. Everything from engagement, to lead form fills, to overall financial impact are consistently recorded. This is perhaps one of the most important features for marketers on a purely business level because it allows them to concretely prove their value with hard data. 


Marketers are in the unique position of being able to have a direct — and highly significant — impact on their employer’s bottom line. From shoring up issues to proving sales, the CPP is designed to facilitate and augment each step of the process so they can make better decisions. However, just as the Iron Man suit isn’t what makes Tony Stark a hero, a marketer’s true superpower lies in their ingenuity and resourcefulness. AiAdvertising’s Campaign Performance Platform exists to make their job easier and more scalable, harnessing the abilities they already have. 

Want to show clients you’re the hero they’re looking for? Join forces with our cutting-edge AI. Contact us today!