From Cheetos to AI: Meet Kevin, an innovator in AI for Marketing

Meet Kevin, our Chief Marketing and Product Officer, and a true innovator in the artificial intelligence for the advertising and marketing space.

Kevin’s passion for engineering began early in his career, when he earned a degree in engineering and started working with predictive analytics. He has always been fascinated by the potential of technology to solve complex problems, and has a passion for blending people, process, and technology to create innovative solutions.

After spending several years in technical roles, Kevin transitioned to marketing, bringing his expertise in data and analytics with him. He quickly made a name for himself in the industry, leading successful marketing campaigns for several major companies and building a reputation as a strategic thinker who was always looking for ways to use data to drive results.

Despite his success in marketing, Kevin never lost his interest in engineering and using technology to solve problems. In fact, he saw AI as the key to unlocking even greater insights and efficiencies in the field. Over the years, he continued to study and learn about AI, exploring its potential applications in marketing and working with others in the industry to develop new tools and approaches.

He was just featured on The Convergence Podcast and where he talked a bit about his career and experience saying,

My Cold Stone Creamery experience was still my best professional experience. Doug Ducey grew that from a handful of stores to 1,400 in 9 countries, and he entrusted me with trying to figure out how to do marketing and advertising a little better. And so that led me into the CMO world and [I realized] there's a whole lot of fixing there to do in marketing and advertising. I would argue I'm on the path to fix it.

There is one anecdote that highlights Kevin’s passion for using technology to solve problems involves a bag of Cheetos®.

Early in his career, Kevin was a first-time engineer, standing in a Frito-Lay plant in Frankfort, Indiana, looking up and watching Cheetos move on a conveyor belt the length of a football field, only to come back to be dumped onto another conveyor belt to be packaged. He asked, “Why does it do that?” The answer? “To dry the Cheeto,” but he thought, “there was another way a faster way.” And, he was right! Kevin suggested using a different methodology in the manufacturing process, and was able to develop a solution. A new patent-pending process was born and the result was a significant increase in efficiency and a major cost savings for the company resulting in the simplicity of Cheetos drying faster!

Today, Kevin is recognized as an innovator in how to apply his need to create better and faster solutions with AI to fix marketing and advertising. He has helped dozens of companies leverage the power of AI to optimize their marketing and advertising campaigns, and has spoken at various conferences on the topic. With his deep technical knowledge, combined with his marketing expertise and passion for problem-solving, Kevin is uniquely positioned to help companies navigate the complex and rapidly-evolving landscape of AI for marketing.

In short, Kevin’s background in engineering and predictive analytics, coupled with his extensive experience in marketing and passion for problem-solving, has helped him become a true thought leader in the AI for marketing space. By combining his technical expertise with his marketing know-how and ability to identify and solve problems, Kevin has established himself as a trusted advisor to companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in this exciting and rapidly-evolving field.

Check out episode 5 on The Convergence Podcast episode called Are Your Devices Listening to you? Big Data in Marketing; you can listen here or watch on YouTube.

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Marketer: Victoria Richardson | Director of Marketing, AiAdvertising
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