Break Out of the Box

We know that marketers are being asked to hold more responsibility now for revenue success than ever before.

Gartner recently held a webinar titled, “CMOs, Take the Lead on Revenue Operations (RevOps) to Ignite Growth”. They predict that by 2023 that:

25% of organizations will consolidate marketing, sales, and the customer experience into a single function.

This growing responsibility will require a new approach and strategic technology partnerships.

In order for marketers to be successful, they will need to rely on data and information from all parts of the business and have a system that can consolidate the data so it can be leveraged. They will need to hold the reins of responsibility as it pertains to operational enhancements and overall integration.

As our clients begin to onboard, we inadvertently uncover the gaps in their data and business processes. The newfound visibility enables our clients to work collaboratively with their internal teams to create new processes and procedures so they can begin to lead revenue operations. Marketers are successfully bridging the gaps in their organization which directly impacts their ability to perform and and drive revenue.

Marketers are at the forefront of getting leads, acquiring customers, and growing the bottom line, but many lack the technology and transparency to efficiently accomplish these goals. Knowing this, we designed a flexible and consolidated platform that allows marketers to break out of the box and leverage AI technology to positively impact their success.

We ask marketers to articulate where they stand on the following questions:

  • What are you currently doing that is going well?
  • What do you wish you could do better?
  • Do you know where the gaps are within your data or business processes? And, do you know how to solve for what you need?
  • Does your sales or operations teams know what information you need in order to effectively own the entire customer journey?
  • Do you know where all of your data lives? And, do you have access to it?
  • What will make you invaluable to your organization?

By answering these questions, marketers can set a vision for the future and get their arms around owning revenue operations. By partnering with AiAdvertising, they gain the intelligence, visibility, and technology to usher them into a new age of advertising.

Are you a marketer who is ready to break out of the box and start owning revenue operations? Let’s connect!