AiAdvertising’s SWARM Platform enables the nation’s largest U.S. Caterpillar dealer to achieve a 10X Return on Ad Spend

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AiAdvertising, Inc. (AIAD), a technology driven provider of digital advertising solutions, today announced that it received in partnership with HOLT CAT the 2021 Construction Industries Excellence in Marketing Award. The Company used its AI driven SWARM solution to increase performance of its Advertising investments by aligning its efforts to newly created Personas for a more personalized and authentic customer experience.

“Going into the campaign, we were highly confident that SWARM would successfully predict better outcomes for HOLT CAT,” said Kevin Myers, Chief Product & Marketing Officer of AiAdvertising. “But even more so, we are delighted to have our client receive such a prestigious award. The credit must go to the innovative spirit of HOLT CAT to turn their mountains of data into predictive insights leveraging artificial intelligence and our marketing teams who have worked together to make SWARM and HOLT CAT a winner.”

Myers continued, “We are making great progress in transforming our business into a true technology driven company and are extremely pleased that our SWARM solution continues to deliver advertising results beyond client expectations. We are continuing to develop SWARM into a fully functioning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform, which we believe will allow us to prosper in what McKinsey Global Institute estimates to be a $5.9 trillion annual market for AI and other analytics applied to marketing and sales.”

Jason Smith, Senior Director of Marketing and Digital for HOLT CAT elaborated on the core reason this effort was recognized. “We launched a new digital advertising campaign with AiAdvertising to help us better serve our customers, drive new leads and measure its effectiveness. We leveraged the AI in SWARM’s Platform to communicate with our customers when and where they want to be reached. With the data we were able to create personas, identify like-minded audiences, predict which creative resonates best, and measure the campaign messages that influenced and directly attributed to sales.”

Successful companies like HOLT CAT are leveraging the most important asset they have in marketing, the siloed data that drives these insights and predictions. Many businesses are searching for solutions to optimize their marketing, sales, customer service and operational efforts. The SWARM AI Platform was built and designed to help companies benefit from increased profitability by reducing guesswork and wasteful spending.

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