AiAdvertising Partners with The Next Generation Free Ad-Supported Sports and Entertainment Platform, Brinx.TV, to Redefine Advertising

Combines AiAdvertising’s AI Expertise with Brinx.TV and its Innovative Content-Commerce Model

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AiAdvertising, Inc. (OTC: AIAD), an industry leader in AI-powered advertising solutions, today announced an exclusive breakthrough partnership with Brinx.TV. BRINX (Broadcast Reach Integration Network Xchange) is poised to redefine the advertising industry by merging content and commerce that is now amplified by AI-Powered Marketing expertise from AiAdvertising.

This partnership breaks Brinx.TV from the abyss of FAST Channels (Free Ad-Supported TV).

Brinx.TV’s platform allows viewers to directly interact with and purchase products, merging advertising with immediate consumer action that provides a seamless content-commerce experience. Consumers are rewarded for their engagement, fostering a deeper connection between viewers and brands. Brinx.TV is led by six-time Emmy winner John Brenkus, a titan in redefining sports TV. Brenkus is renowned as “the man who has redefined sports TV” by the Wall Street Journal and the force behind ESPN Sport Science with 1,800 episodes. Brinx.TV is a Hexagon Partners, Ltd. company, a strategic investor in AiAdvertising.

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