It’s Like a Swiss Army Knife for Advertising

Here’s the good news: no matter what marketing problem you’re trying to solve, there is probably a type of software that can help.

Over 10,000 MarTech solutions currently exist that promise new efficiencies, improved performance, streamlined automations, and an infinite number of other benefits.

Okay, but here’s the bad news: Each application typically only handles a single, independent use case. As a result, many organizations end up juggling a wide array of different programs. This can become a serious drain on company finances in the long run. Time is also lost as employees are forced to learn and then navigate through multiple programs on a daily basis. If only we could consolidate them into the same program; that would effectively remove the downsides.

AiAdvertising’s exclusive Campaign Performance Platform was built with this idea in mind, offering a variety of MarTech’s biggest assets in a comprehensive, all-in-one suite. 

It's like a Swiss Army knife for your marketing strategy with tools and features for anything you come across. 

With that in mind, let’s examine three of its top features.

  • Data Aggregation

Our platform starts providing value by first connecting to all of a client’s online touch points. This includes their website, social media, related review hubs, and even digital stores like Shopify. From there we collect, clean, and organize customer data that can be used to build our campaigns and guide creative. If you want to successfully increase sales, then you need to know who exactly you’re selling to. While there are other options available, none of them are this thorough and multifaceted.  

  • Creative Guidance

Because of the platform’s advanced data gathering, it’s able to segment a client’s audience base into unique clusters known as personas. These personas are grouped together by similarities in their demographics, preferences, and behaviors. They allow us to design content specifically for each customer archetype, and then test that content through machine learning so we can see what ad variations have the most promise. The Campaign Performance Platform determines what customers want to see even before a single dollar is spent to run ads. 

  • Revenue Tracking

After creative is verified and campaigns are running, our platform tracks each of them in an accessible dashboard that tracks generated revenue and other important KPIs (key performance indicators). Everything updates in real time. Before, it would have been difficult to see what campaigns were performing well until they had run for a significant interval. Our platform is able to quickly reveal what works, or what doesn’t, so clients can make adjustments on the fly and maximize their return on investment. 


Again, these are just a small sample of the benefits our platform provides. It’s capable of seamlessly facilitating what five or more specialized programs would struggle to do working  in tandem. Because of this AiAdvertising is able to help businesses find more success in marketing while dramatically reducing expenses. Don’t be overwhelmed by the thousands of different MarTech options, revolutionize the way you do business with our Campaign Performance Platform. That’s one price, one platform, and dozens of invaluable innovations.

Do you need a Swiss army knife for your marketing and advertising strategy? We’ve got you covered! Contact us to book a demo.