How many contacts do I need in my CRM to effectively generate personas?

A target of at least 10,000 contacts (5,000 minimum) are required to generate meaningful personas. There is no upper limit on the number of contacts we can process, more is better!

What information do I need for each contact?

We need first name, last name, and email is the starting point. Additional information like address, phone numbers, and any additional email addresses make the process more enriched.

How do you get access to my CRM data?

Our Campaign Performance Platform will use secure API integrations or an SFTP to connect CRM data to our Persona AI.

How do you generate personas?

AiAdvertising utilizes natural language processing from first- and third-party sources to identify and discover emotional motivations and customers’ purchase intent based on the Crossing the Chasm adoption curve combined with Big Five Oceans/Myers Briggs 16 personality types. Personas are an aggregation and modeling of buying/sales considerations and emotional influences that drive purchases.

CRM data is mapped to our database of 270M U.S. Citizens that are 18 years of age or older alongside their online intent and location data to build personas and audiences which amounts to trillions of additional signals. Data is then grouped into clusters by similar behaviors, interests, triggers, and events which influence audience personalization and better predicts messaging and creative needs.

How many archetypes are there?

Psychographically, the majority of the U.S. population could be categorized into 16 Archetypes, which reflect what a person values and what types of messaging they’re most receptive to; however, each archetype can fall into five different categories on the adoption curve.

Do customer archetypes change over time?

Rarely; human begins are quite predictable. However, how we interact and engage with different brands and products can change and that is why AiAdvertising uses a closed-loop feedback to enrich the machine learning models and provide updates as things change and evolve.

How long does it take?

Once we get access to CRM data, AiAdvertising can generate personas in less than a month. Here is a PDF that walks you through the process.

How is the AiAdvertising methodology more powerful than direct customer interviews done in traditional market research?

Traditional market research uses surveys and focus groups which limit the dataset used for modeling.

There is an inherent bias in the data generated from customer interviews and it is up to the researcher to draw conclusions from their findings; queue human bias and error.

Many people, when surveyed, can’t articulate or remember what motivated them to purchase, so the information lacks a critical understanding of buying behavior. Recency of actions can be measured real-time based on where consumers physically go and what they do online – these are far better signals to predict future behavior.

Frequency measures behavioral actions over time versus surveys measuring a moment in time. We look at predictability on a wide variety of variables across multiple datasets to get a broader picture of the persona.

The traditional method’s timeline is long, the cost is high, and the results are not as accurate.

Can you use Personas to find new audiences or build lists?

Yes! Personas from first-party client data can be integrated with third-party data, online intent data, and psychographic models. The psychographic predictors are used to generate new third-party look-alike audiences which can be applied to ad targeting.

How much does it cost?

You can get started for as little $30,000. This includes persona segmentation as well as scoring existing creative against the personas to identify gaps and opportunities. From there, you can choose your own adventure and determine how you would like to activate your personas:

    • CRM optimization and activation – To score and append these personas for email marketing the price varies based on number of contacts and attributes needed. An additional $10,000 per month platform fee is applied for:
  • Continuous monitoring and updating of contact data
  • Creative and messaging predictions and Insights
  • Access to marketing campaign calendars and associated project plans
  • Proof of advertising and marketing performance on interactive dashboards
    • New Persona-Driven Creative – AiAdvertising’s Creative Lab has the capabilities for full campaign strategy, design, and development (landing pages, websites, digital ads, broadcast ads, search and social ads, emails, etc.)
  • If new persona-driven creative is needed, we create a scope of work as a separate agreement based on your unique needs.
    • Media Activation – Personas can be leveraged in your advertising campaigns by activating these persona segments online, doing lookalike audience modeling, and building persona-driven creative all from the Campaign Performance Platform.
  • Persona-driven campaigns can be activated through an omni-channel approach by AiAdvertising which is 15% of your media buy.