In one of the most memorable episodes of Friends, Ross shouts this oft-quoted command at Rachel and Chandler as they struggle to carry his new couch up the winding, apartment stairs. While it’s a humorous scene, it also highlights the importance of being flexible with your plans. This is especially true for digital marketing.

If you can’t pivot effectively, your business will “get stuck” and slowly stagnate. That’s why AiAdvertising’s versatile Campaign Performance Platform highlights what is working and what isn’t to help marketers adjust their tactics at a moment’s notice and drive sales empowering them to implement an agile marketing strategy.

In a recent podcast episode, MAII founder Paul Roetzer discussed the five P’s of Advertising and emphasized how they can be augmented with artificial intelligence (AI) to create efficiencies and incremental improvements.:

  1. Planning
  2. Production
  3. Personalization
  4. Promotion
  5. Performance

During our shared AI in Action session — How to Advertise Smarter with AI — he added,

We've been monitoring this space for years and we've looked at some AI tech in AI, but it's been one-off, so trying to wrap my mind around the ability to have a platform to pull all these use cases together is pretty fascinating!

Our platform houses and connects all of the elements and phases of advertising within a closed-loop, machine-learning system so marketers can radically improve upon their strategy and yield amazing results. Our platform also keeps them distinct enough from one another so everything can be modified on the fly, without disrupting other steps in the process; allowing marketers to quickly pivot when they need to.

For instance, during the customer data collection stage, if we discover a promising segment of buyers we didn’t know about previously, we can seamlessly introduce them into the rest of our targeting preparations. The ad content that we produce for each audience segment is also run through cutting-edge predictive software to reveal what combinations will resonate the most. If we learn that certain features are ranking higher than others (like positive messaging, or a specific color, etc.) we can tweak current and future creative as needed.

Once campaigns are activated, our platform tracks the analytics and return on investment (ROI) of each one inside an accessible dashboard on a minute-by-minute basis. Because of this, marketers can get ahead of eventual ad burnout, cull low performing content to reallocate budget, and start planning new approaches based on the insights they’re gathering. The opportunities to pivot and build upon what’s already been created are basically endless thanks to the power of AI.

Few things are certain in life except for change. As the market continually evolves and shifts, the companies that will stay on top will be the ones who not not only adapt, but do so quickly. An agile marketing strategy is imperative for success. Break free of restrictive marketing and embrace trailblazing, technological resources that would make Ross Geller proud.

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