Follow The Yellow Brick Road

The Wizard of Oz is a film bursting with timeless iconography, but one of its most memorable aspects has to be the legendary yellow brick road.

We all face uncertainties in life, so it’s easy to understand the appeal of a magical path that takes you exactly where you need to go. When applied to digital marketing and the challenges of facilitating a seamless customer journey, it also raises a compelling question:

Is it possible to create a virtual “yellow brick road” that guides users from ad to purchase without interruption?

Unlike Dorothy, customers have more than one option. Their journey to the checkout (or checkout button) can be wandering and disrupted by countless internal and external forces. However, with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), marketers can achieve things that were previously impossible. An effective process for streamlining the buy-in process and adapting to customer preferences does not have to remain a fictional concept.

Our innovative Campaign Performance Platform accomplishes this by optimizing and leveraging data that clients are already gathering, in a sequence of iterative steps.

  • CRM and customer data is automatically aggregated from a wide range of sources (brand sites, social media, online shops, etc.) and organized into informational clusters to reveal actionable patterns, insights, and buyer motivations.
  • This data is used to generate multidimensional audience segments, known as personas, with their own unique behavioral predictors.
  • From there, ad campaigns with highly personalized images and messaging are tailor-made for each persona via predictive software.

By catering directly to a persona’s needs, interests, or adoption point, engagement is heightened from the initial advertising contact. An engaged user is naturally better primed to convert into a customer than someone who was randomly targeted. Of course, people are not static entities. Even the most perfected customer conversion pathway can become obsolete unless marketing tactics are equally flexible.

That’s why the Campaign Performance Platform goes beyond initial activation, tracking the results and ROI of every ad in every campaign in real time. Underperforming ads are given recommendations to increase performance, while successful campaigns can be expanded upon, taking winning elements and applying them to additional marketing endeavors. Every bit of data is fed back into the system and is fully optimized.

If one of the biggest challenges of digital marketing is deciding what advertising investment makes the biggest impact, figuring out how to attract and keep customers is a close second. That’s why AiAdvertising is dedicated to providing a holistic, and highly agile approach to digital marketing where every aspect of the customer journey is taken into account. From first engagement to retention, turn the yellow brick road from fantasy to real life with the customer-centric power of the Campaign Performance Platform!

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