AiAdvertising was founded to provide actionable, marketing solutions for the problems our clients face on a daily basis. We wanted to go beyond general concerns and address specific issues in a practical way. That’s why we made a point of reaching out to clients for their direct input when building our proprietary Campaign Performance Platform. Here are four of the top issues they previously struggled with, and how we were able to  help: 

I don’t have access to a data scientist or technology who can draw insights from our multiple data sources and systems.

Thanks to our AI-powered platform, you no longer need to staff or contract a data scientist to make sense of your data. The software connects directly to all of a brand’s data sources; putting all our client’s data in one place. It cleans and organizes the information and pulls out previously hidden or unidentifiable signals and insights. The Campaign Performance Platform generates deep and meaningful personas with everything from demographics and behaviors to site interactions and persuasion tactics. Our clients are able to unify their data source and gather all the insights they need to understand their clients, employees, and ideal customers. 

I don’t know enough about customer’s interests and behaviors to segment them appropriately.

The broad spectrum of data our platform aggregates doesn’t just provide a deeper understanding of a client’s customer base, it also allows us to automatically divide them into unique groups with shared similarities. These groups are condensed into “personas” which allow clients to encapsulate large sections of their audience under the umbrella of a fictional avatar. This simplifies and optimizes the targeting process. These persona models are used to identify net new audiences and target them appropriately. Instead of casting a wide yet imprecise net, clients can make their ads highly personalized, speak to their audience’s emotional triggers, and get in front of a considerable percentage of prospective new customers. 

I can’t track performance of my creative, audiences, and channels to associate it back to known customers or unknown prospects to prove sales revenue.

Our performance-geared dashboards record the KPIs of every campaign and link them directly to sales revenue. Because of this closed-loop monitoring, clients can see what’s working or what isn’t, and make adjustments as needed. In the past, it was difficult to prove what marketing tactics were influencing a company’s bottom line. Now the results, and what drove them, can be laid out in black and white thanks to our comprehensive process. The Campaign Performance Platform generates dynamic dashboards that display the performance of each campaign and highlights what creative, persona, and channel drove sales revenue.  

I don’t have enough time or money to develop the multiple versions of creative needed for every persona and every channel.

On top of everything else, our platform also facilitates the production of quality ad creative at scale. The in-house creative team leverages persona insights to design content batches for each segment and tests them using advanced predictive software to see what combinations will rank the highest depending on various details like context, trends, and preferences. While this process allows us to produce fresh ads on a regular basis, previously run ads can also be periodically re-tested to reveal new opportunities. This means clients are never at a loss for the creative their campaigns, and audiences, require. 

Digital marketing is an incredibly powerful resource, but there is always room for improvement. As marketers ourselves, we understand how frustrating it is to have your efforts hindered by seemingly avoidable roadblocks and we’ve worked hard to clear the path with cutting-edge technology to give you actionable, marketing solutions. We’re taking digital marketing to new heights of innovation, lifting up not only our clients, but the entire industry.

If you haven’t checked it out we encourage you to watch our AI in Action session with the Marketing AI Institute where our Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Kevin Myers, is joined by our client and provides an in-depth look at our platform!

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