SWARM is where Ai meets Ei

SWARM predicts what works with 95% accuracy BEFORE you spend $1 on advertising and generates a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (Ai) and emotional intelligence (Ei), SWARM amplifies advertising efficiency resulting in unprecedented end-user engagement, conversion and growth.

We cut out the guesswork saving you time and money so you can maximize results!

Let's get to the point; this is how we do it:

1. Data Points
Become Personas

Each time someone engages with your company, brand, people or product, they create a data point. These data points represent a person – a person with distinct personalities, values, traits, habits, hobbies, interests and feelings. These distinct traits trigger specific behaviors and emotions, causing an action… or inaction.

Using structured and unstructured data points from systems like your CRM, eCommerce site, website or social platforms, SWARM AI finds commonalities between points that were previously undetectable.

From there, customer patterns come into focus when SWARM identifies and groups these points into audiences, levering EI to layer unique behaviors, interests, influences and emotional triggers for each segment. This information is then aggregated into powerful and comprehensive personas.

2. Scored & Predictive Creative

Creative plays a very important role in getting your audience to act. This is where Ai is complimented by Ei. SWARM uses Ai to analyze and score existing ads and new campaign ideas while incorporating the EI triggers for each persona.

From there, SWARM predicts scaleable, personalized, effective and emotionally meaningful creative designed to stimulate emotions and trigger action with 95% accuracy.

Unlike traditional A/B testing, SWARM knows what works and what doesn’t before you spend any advertising dollars.

Each stage of the customer journey is different – content and creative that is effective for awareness in a certain segment is very different than that which drives action and conversion.

Eliminate the guesswork.

SWARM produces intelligent creative variations that are most likely to resonate with your target audience. It details unique keywords, tags and creative elements for each persona, in every campaign, at each stage of the marketing funnel that, when creatively executed, will result in increased engagement and conversion. Then SWARM takes it a step further and recommends where to place the ad for maximum results.

3. Activation, Monitoring & Optimization


  • Identifies behaviors of people in your data base (CRM) that match an existing persona so you can talk to the people you know more
  • Uses the same behavioral patterns to find people in a look alike (LAL) audience so you can start a conversation with people you don’t already know
  • Creates predictors to hyper target your creative so you can create strategies and activate effective advertising

Throughout the campaign lifecycle, SWARM continues the AI meets EI journey. SWARM’s performance module connects previously isolated data and signals as it dynamically updates and analyzes your data and customized creative to learn and optimize at every level: from the individual personas and campaigns to continually refining the targeted creative and messaging.

4. Proof & ROAS

SWARM’s interactive dashboard provides you with the data and insights that are most important to you, connecting the dots between ad spend, customer engagement and sales revenue.

  • See what’s working, who it’s working for and do more of it
  • See what’s not working and pivot
  • Spotlight your return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Visualize where potential and current customers are in the marketing funnel
  • View creative assets and real-time performance information
  • Gain insights with new recommendations for optimization
  • Identify new opportunity lanes
  • Quantify secured leads

At AiAdvertising, we built the platform that is revolutionizing digital marketing and empowering you to do your job even better.

At AiAdvertising, we built the platform that is revolutionizing digital marketing and empowering you to raise the bar. Are you ready to jump?

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