Global IP strategy firm will help the Company accelerate the development of its Ai Ad Platform

SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AiAdvertising, Inc. (AIAD), a technology driven provider of digital advertising solutions, today announced that it has retained ipCapital Group (ipCG), a global IP strategy firm, to help accelerate the development of the Company’s AI driven ad platform.

“Having John Cronin and his ipCapital Group agree to help us is a major coupe for AiAdvertising,” said Andrew Van Noy, the Company’s CEO. “They utilize a unique data- driven and forward invention methodology process which leads to a complete intellectual asset management program with many of the services and tools backed up by AI and machine learning (ML). We will be working closely with ipCapital on a number of strategic patent filing initiatives around persona automation, predictive creative, and machine-generated video ad curation, to reflect the increasing need for marketers to automate tedious processes in campaign management by leveraging artificial intelligence.”

Cronin and ipCG have worked with over 1,500 companies and approximately 15% of the Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of mid-size companies, and hundreds of startups and governmental laboratories. Over the years, Cronin has become a respected thought leader among executives who wish to align business issues with IP and translate strategies into actionable financial results. Cronin has inspired and trained thousands of engineers and scientists in the best practices of “how to invent.”

Before forming ipCG, Cronin spent over 17 years at IBM and became its top inventor with over 100 patents and 150 patent publications. He created and ran the IBM Patent Factory, which was essential in helping IBM become number one in U.S. patents and led the team that contributed to the startup and success of IBM’s licensing program. Cronin is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of AdrenalineIP and a Board member of IX-Innovations.

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