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SAN ANTONIO, March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AiAdvertising, Inc. (AIAD), a technology driven provider of digital advertising solutions, today announced that Campaign Nucleus, LLC has entered into a Master Licensing Agreement with the Company to leverage the Ai Ad Platform to provide persona-based dynamically created ads and creative content to Nucleus’ Customers as well as activating omnichannel digital advertising.

“We are proud to announce this strategic relationship and licensing agreement between the AiAdvertising and Campaign Nucleus,” said Andrew Van Noy, AiAdvertising, Inc.’s CEO. “Since acquiring Parscale’s company in 2017, we have worked diligently to productize the revolutionary methodologies and tactics (“The Parscale Effect”,) that provide world-class advertising and marketing solutions to leading brands.”

Van Noy continued, “By successfully leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our software can automate many of the repetitive and arduous tasks that the marketing industry has to do manually. This licensing agreement is a full-circle moment for us and validates that what we have built is what we believe to be game-changing technology for commercial businesses, political organizations and non-profits.”

Brad Parscale commented, “These software solutions combined provide a revolutionary new eco-system which leverages artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising for both political and commercial use. Together, we provide the most innovative marketing and advertising solutions that will automate much of the efforts that have to be manually orchestrated during political elections and commercial advertising campaigns.”

As part of the Master Licensing Agreement, AiAdvertising, Inc. will provide Nucleus with seamless integration to create the most comprehensive CRM to Advertising ecosystem in the industry with predictive outcomes to drive performance.

More about Campaign Nucleus and AiAdvertising’s licensing deal can be found in a recent Meet the Press article titled “Brad Parscale returns with new tech to turn America red” on NBC News found here.

About Campaign Nucleus

Founded and created by Brad Parscale, former Digital Director and Campaign Manager for President Donald J. Trump, Campaign Nucleus is an AI-based digital platform that provides center-right candidates, organizations and corporations a centralized ecosystem to not only curate actionable data, but also build political movements through accountability, analysis and action. Parscale’s experience as a developer, marketer and political consultant has shaped Campaign Nucleus, which can help win elections and drive influence. For more information, visit

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AiAdvertising is an innovative technology company focused on harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Advertising category. Our flagship solution, the Ai Ad Platform, is the Digital Ad Industry’s first Cloud-hosted Ad Management platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence enabling marketers to eliminate waste, predict winning creative, dynamically scale creative, generate more leads, acquire more customers and increase ROI.

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