How to Amplify Performance with Ad Personalization

Feeling confident about your advertising strategy? Are you using ad personalization to amplify your performance?

There’s a chance you may have overlooked something. At the Growth and Innovation ConferenceGartner revealed that:

95% of marketers believe they’re customer focused, but only 5% of their marketing content actually is!

Our groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) platform uses Persona AI Technology to fix that disparity and enable personalized hyper-focused content at scale.

Starting with customer data aggregation, we organize and segment a client’s data into audience segments known as personas (learn more about personas here). Users within a persona group share demographics, behavioral attributes, and psychographic similarities. By identifying persona behaviors, clients can target customers far more effectively with ad content that’s designed to accommodate their unique preferences.

Once our creative team produces custom images and messaging, they are tested using our proprietary predictive algorithms. This allows us to tailor creative to customers and see what will resonate with each persona before spending a single dollar on media placement thus allocating ad budget more effectively. The objective, KPI, and the baseline audience can be adjusted for each test. Our platform generates different ad combinations from the provided creative, and ranks the results numerically.

The higher a predicted ad ranks, the better it’s predicted to perform. Clients are then able to serve ads that were built and optimized specifically for their target customers. The entire process is highly streamlined, with several Campaign Performance Platform applications working in unison. This allows us to produce a large variety of pre-tested content across a wide range of different campaigns within a relatively short period of time.

Personalization has never been this comprehensive, or accessible. Uncover the hidden intelligence within your data that will empower you to personalize your audience’s experience. Make data-driven choices and put your customers first by harnessing the game-changing versatility and personalization with our innovative marketing platform.

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