5 Ways to Use Personas to Personalize Marketing
August 11, 2022
Personalization is at the top of every marketing conversation and advisors are encouraging marketers to find solutions that can help them achieve personalized experiences for their clients. McKinzey says,
Our research shows that 71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. And 76 percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

In order for marketers to truly achieve this ability, they need to gain insights and draw out behaviors, motivations, and persuasion tactics from their customer data. Marketers must understand WHO their audience is so they can speak directly to them in a way that resonates.

Our Campaign Performance Platform inventories and onboards customer engagement lifecycle data including: CRM/CDP, eCommerce, accounting, general ledger, website, social, etc. It organizes the information to reveal actionable insights and generates personas. These are fictional avatars composed of user segments with comparable engagement predictors and contain information like demographics, psychographics, behavioral insights, persuasion tactics, and motivations. You can read more about what personas are and how they can help in advertising here.

In short, personas are used to effectively target existing customers and find new, incremental audiences, but their invaluable insights don’t have to stop there. Here are five ways marketers can activate the power of their personas to personalize their customer experiences:

  1. Optimize and Monetize CRM Data
  2. Supercharge Sales
  3. Customize Content 
  4. Prioritize Product Development 
  5. Capitalize on Customer Experiences 

Now, let’s dig in…

  1. Optimize and Monetize CRM Data

Tagging known CRM contacts by persona audience allows you to segment lists and build communication strategies in a brand new way. In a recent podcast episode from NUDGE, guest Maddie Croucher, Senior Consultant at Ogilvy’s behavior science practice, said, “One key mistake that actually many organizations make [is] they’re really often unaware of their own congestive biases and the impact that can have on the campaigns we develop.” Furthermore, “we might miss the chance to tap into our audience’s strongest emotional triggers or, worse still, we might accidentally tap into something that actively turns them off.”

The Campaign Performance Platform removes the inherent bias in market research and audience understanding. By using math and science, the platform generates personas with deep and meaningful observations about customer behavior and overall tendencies. This enables our clients to understand their audiences’ emotional triggers and preferences for information — empowering them to create content that not only resonates but inspires action.

With the insights from the personas, our clients are able to not only segment their email lists based on this new information, but they can develop a personalized content strategy for each target audience segment. They have a deeper understanding of what persuasion tactics are going to be most relevant to their audiences and can leverage that to generate content and support every phase of their individual buying journey. By connecting persona insights to CRM lifecycle stage marketers can more effectively communicate with prospects and customers alike. The Campaign Performance Platform puts you one step closer to being able to give consumers what they expect — a personalized experience with your brand.

  1. Supercharge Sales

Tagging known contacts in your CRM provides a deeper understanding of who your contacts are and how to motivate them to take action. This information can be communicated to sales teams so they can better navigate their conversations and know who they are talking to and how to approach their prospects. Marketers can translate winning campaign messages and themes from the Campaign Performance Platform results to their salespeople to increase lead engagement and conversion. This allows them to collaborate with and guide the salesforce in a more meaningful way.

By leveraging data and insights from the platform, marketers can take what works and bring personalization to another level, undoubtedly making the sales process more efficient and effective.

Now, marketing and sales can work in collaboration to create new materials or gather relevant information as it pertains to each persona audience. Arming your sales team with specific talking points and a library of resource materials pertinent to each persona encourages them to know their prospects on a deeper level and execute with higher precision.

  1. Customize Content

Once a marketer identifies their personas, they can use tools like GetBrew to help identify content gaps and potential opportunities as they pertain to their specific audience. Building a market map is a great way to understand what your target audience is talking about online, and how and where they are absorbing content.

Marketers can take it to the next level by understanding and translating top-performing messages from their advertising campaigns into content that further supports the various topics of interest. They can leverage their market map to identify opportunities or boost their blog content, add to their SEO strategy, promote conversations on social media, design products specifically for their customer, or even host an event centered around a particular persona audience and what they care about most.

When it comes to the various ways you can customize content for prospects, clients, and fans, the only limit is your imagination.

4. Prioritize Product Development

By having a finger on the pulse of customer behavior via personas, marketers can sit at the table with their product teams to prioritize and plan product development from the lens of their ideal customer profile.

Building products and solutions that are tailored around your customer not only provides a great customer experience, but it can enable a marketer to promote the product in a whole new way. By knowing what persona audiences drive revenue, product teams can prioritize research and development to align with revenue goals.

5. Capitalize on Customer Experiences

Brands are investing heavily in creating engaging experiences for their customers, but do they have the data they need to drive more traffic to them? AnyRoad specializes in obtaining, evaluating, and leveraging attendee data to build better experiences for their customers. Imagine taking that data and pulling it into your advertising personas to create personalized experiences from real life to digital and measure its effectiveness across the board. Personas can give you insights into what your customers preferences are, so you can design and execute a personalized experience to create brand loyalists.

The Campaign Performance Platform uses artificial intelligence to uncover insights and signals that were previously hidden. This enables teams to activate their data and work cross-functionally to become more efficient and provide a more personalized experience. Personas can allow you to power everything you’re focused on as a marketer — these are just five examples to get you started!

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